Thursday, March 3, 2016

What goes into making Uniprot?

Call me a boring, unimaginative biologist, but I love Uniprot. I know, I know, you can get more PSMs with RefSeq and Trembl or whatever.

But if I want to turn my PSMs into something that I can actually track down, Uniprot is the way to go. Manually annotated, no silly "putative - whatever - whatever" "predicted -whatever- whatever", "Open Reading Frame - whatever -whatever"....


....everything mapped to a universal gene identifier so I can cheat and use downstream analysis tools the genomics people have been nice enough to build for us, sometimes decades ago?

( this song is in my head again. Good going, Ben...)

What was I talking about again...OH YEAH!

Well, if you want to know how painstakingly the good people at Uniprot edit what you can freely download, check out this brand new paper on the Uniprot Human proteome!  Just like the Uniprot databases, this article is open access!

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