Monday, March 21, 2016

How to prep red sparkling wine for proteomics!

Imagine this: You are about to get ready to prep some red sparkling wine for proteomic analysis -- then OH NO! There are only protocols for white sparkling wine! You search and search the literature only to find that everyone before you has taken shortcuts and studied Champagne or whatever.

That was really the case before this year!  Fortunately, Elisabeth Vogt et al., bit the  bullet, did the heavy lifting, opened some red wine and, working 50mL at a time developed some good methods for getting to clean red wine proteins.

I can't fault this study. They found an unaddressed subject and developed a method to address it that they describe in concise and logical detail, when I probably would've just FASPed it just to see what happened.  I know what you're thinking. Another wine study? I bet this group is European. And......

....they totally are! (A Top Cat reference...seriously...?)

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