Friday, March 4, 2016

DOE approach to optimizing negative ion coverage in LTQ Orbitraps!

I haven't seen a DOE paper in a while!


is a reverse engineering approach for figuring out how to optimize an experiment. If you go to one of the world's best engineering schools (go Hokies!!), even as a biologist, you're gonna here a lot about DOE. It takes all the guess work out of how to best do your experiment.

Dave Muddiman's group did a great one of these back in 2011 for Proteomics. Totally worth taking a look at if you've got an LTQ-Orbitrap for proteomics.

Nik Lomonakis et al., said "wait a minute! nobody's done this for small molecules that ionize in negative mode? Let's do it!" And...arguably people that do this stuff need it more than the proteomics groups, with hundreds of apps notes and thousands of publications to pick from. There is less information out there for people in the negative small molecule field, so this is a great new resource!

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