Sunday, March 13, 2016

BioCyc! Free access to almost 8,000 pathways!

Ever have one of those weeks that was so busy that you didn't want to read anything about mass spectrometry for fun for days?

Took access to some super awesome free tools to get me back into it today!

The tools in question are BIOCYC. You can access them here at

What are they? Just a ton of cool stuff. Nearly 8,000 curated pathways at that have been analyzed at the genomic, proteomic or metabolic level. Downloadable tools that will take your differentially regulated gene/protein/metabolite list and overlay them on the established pathways. Tools for researching an outlying variable, etc., etc., an absolute ton of free stuff.

I know...there are several big sites out there with cool random tools all dumped together. What sets this one apart? Well, its really well organized, it has a slew of nice tutorial and introductory videos and it flows really well once you watch the 8 minute video that explains the overall goal of the project.

Why did I break this one out? Cause I've got a list of ~1,000 statistically valid differential-ly abundant metabolites from a Compound Discoverer 2.0 run and this thing seems to know how to make sense of them!

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