Monday, February 29, 2016

Alzheimer's and mass spectrometry references

Alzheimer's sucks. Most diseases do, and everything, but man, that one sucks. And while there are promising developments coming (and...finally....a boost in U.S. government funding to work on it!) its still not gone.

I was working on something else a while back and I had put together a list of papers that showed the power of mass spectrometry in studying this nefarious and complex disease.

This is just a sampling of the recent work on the topic, but to think that this disease has components of changes at the: proteomic, metabolomic, glycopeptide and phosphorylation level really illustrates 1) How complex this stupid disease is and 2) Why us mass spectrometrists need to be involved in the effort to get rid of this crap.

Alzheimer’s LC-MS papers (2015)

High resolution (Orbi FT) [my good friend Katie Southwick is an author, so I can personally guarantee the work is top notch]:

Laser Capture MicroDissection method using Orbitrap (behind paywall):

Proof that there is a phosphoproteomic component to Alzheimer’s:

Detection of glycoprotein biomarkers in alzheimer’s:

Another phosphoproteomics alzheimer’s paper (performed on a Q Exactive):

Proteomics in Alzheimer’s (brand new, open access as of 12/15/15)_

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