Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Toward a better transmembrane proteome!

Doing some human membrane proteomics? Maybe wanna try a focused protein database method to search it? Maybe what you need next is a great transmembrane proteome! You can access the HTMP here.

If you're thinking "wait a minute...didn't someone do this a long time ago....?" Sure! Maybe its been done a few times. But according to this recent paper from Dobson et al., this database has a superior prediction algorithm for finding true crossing points of human membranes.

A Venny showing the distribution of the prediction models definitely illustrates some differences between different prediction algorithms....

...which this group says they took into account in making the best model. Is it the best? I honestly can't evaluate the model, but anything that opens discussions on what proteins are localized where is going to move us forward. By some strange coincidence (honestly, this was just on Twitter over the weekend) I'm leaving in a few minutes to visit some friends who are doing what is easily the best membrane proteomics I've ever seen. I've been dying to tell people about these methods and I'm hoping to hear the paper is out the door. Maybe while I'm there I can get their feel for this cool new resource!

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