Thursday, February 4, 2016

Go to beautiful Cold Spring Harbor to learn Proteomics! AND Metabolomics!!

One of my favorite things to do each summer is to go up and secretly help out at the Cold Spring Harbor Proteomics course. (Secretly, cause there is never any record on the website of me being there at all...though there might be incriminating photos here and there if  I really needed proof...)

If you aren't familiar with the program at all this is Ben's description: 20 or so people show up who have often heard of proteomics but have never really done it and about a week in there are 10 of us gathered around a Q Exactive screen at 3am watching beautiful phosphopeptide data come flying off the instrument.
The instructors are always top notch with the biggest names in the field either there full time or popping in to teach everything from sample prep through data processing and everything in-between.

In sum, its a really high quality proteomics boot camp at a beautiful location.

This year a new course has been added to the Q Exactive's workload -- there will be a full metabolomics course!

You can find out about these courses at the CSHL Courses page here.

Oh, and in my new role I probably can't justify spending a week up there to my boss however, if any of the instructors/assistants see this, if you want the QE set up, calibrated and QC'ed for the day the class starts, I've got an open schedule that weekend!

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