Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Neuropeptidomics of the....umm...cockroach....?

 I honestly can't tell if I should have had breakfast or if I'm glad I didn't....I legitimately don't know. However, now that I have an animated understanding of the central nervous system of the American Cockroach, I'm just pumped to be able to share that image with you. It's from this interesting new study! 

How'd they do neuropeptides on this amazingly interesting organism? 

They dissected it (them?) and took the organs and froze them in liquid nitrogen, followed by grinding them in a mortar and pestle. Next, they separated the peptides from the proteins using a 10kDa molecular weight cutoff filter and kept what didn't get stuck in the filter. Next they did high pH reverse phase fractionation (number of fractions, etc., isn't clear from the methods section, but maybe they discuss it later in the paper, I was afraid there was going to be biological interpretation and I didn't want to accidentally find out what an "MAG" does in one of these things.) 

The fractions were analyzed using data dependent acquisition (they call it "IDA") on a SCIEX TripleTOF (or PentaTOF, I forget now. HexaTOF?) system and the peptides were analyzed with PEAKS. 

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