Thursday, August 2, 2018

Want to shape the future of DIA proteomics?!?! Your opinion is needed!!

Okay -- maybe I'm biased but I don't think it's out of line to say that MCP is our high water line. If you can get your data through the filters and the 100 annoying rules and don't find yourself thinking, for just a second, about keying the cars of your anonymous reviewers -- and then actual get your paper in - it's probably AWESOME!!!  (100% kidding...who even thinks about keying cars!??!)

Yes, you'll be rewarded with a lot of work to get yourself in a journal your collaborators have never heard of -- but WE will know what you went through. We'll appreciate the work you did. We'll know that you could probably have sent your paper to a biology journal with 4x the "impact factor". We'll probably also be sitting here reviewing papers that came in from said biology journal and will probably think, for just a second "yeah -- this would never have got through MCP or JPR review process...and are the RAW's Nature something something....they don't require it..."

Part of the reason MCP is so great is this stuff --- DIA is coming bigtime -- and if MCP is going to maintain these crazy rigorous standards on DIA studies, it's going to need to come up with 100 very strict rules -- and they want input from the field to come up with them!

You've got till the end of September to throw your thoughts in!   This is MCP. It's supposed to be strict. Is there a PDF that you have saved as "DIASucks.pdf"? I know you do. I've got like 10 of them! It's very confusing. Write MCP and tell them why and how to make it better. This is our chance to shape how an emerging field in proteomics develops and help make it something that will make our field and science in general, better!

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