Thursday, June 1, 2017

New updated PeakJuggler Nodes available now!

It's that time of year again -- when the great people at IMP start giving us free gifts! I don't have time to check it out yet --hopefully I can get it on my tablet before I head to Indy.

Really cool new (free) improvements to the PeakJuggler workflows for label free quan.

Some improvements?
Efficiency -- lower RAM requirements
iBAQ support
Machine learning based scoring (!!)
And...drumroll...FDR based quantification confidence scores (!!!)

Not to stop there, they've even rolled out an updated manual and ready made workflows!

This will work in PD 2.0/PD 2.1/PD 2.2 and in IMP-PD (the free PD version!)

You can get it all from

If you are at ASMS you can check out a poster on Monday from 10:30-2:30; it is MP 338. While you're there you should check MP 335 -- cause it looks like IMP has a solution coming for routine identification of coisolated peptides!!

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  1. Hope ASMS is going well. I couldn't make it this year but I'm really enjoying the write up on your blog instead!