Friday, March 3, 2023

Final Road to Chicago Podcast! Dr. Nick Riley!


Holy crap. If you ignore the last podcast, which I seriously thought Ben was joking about posting, it almost seems like we got better at it as we went along. Nick carried this one, and apparently if you're a postdoc on the podcast, we badger you with questions. 

I'm off to US HUPO now myself and I'm taking a plunge this week. I'm only taking a MacIntosh laptop with me, that I'm gonna figure out how to f'ing use. Maybe there will be blog posts. Maybe I'll be sitting in meetings swearing a lot at a big shiny laptop. Who knows? 

AND -- BTW -- WE SOLD OUT US HUPO! Either this is because of the podcast entirely, in which case, hopefully that means we'll get funding to keep doing it. 


Proteomics is really continuing to grow. Thanks, in some small part, by you nerds out there doing your weird nerd stuff. KEEP IT UP. 

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