Sunday, March 12, 2023

Hooray! More reviews on single cell proteomics!


I'm sort of keyed in on the developments in single cell proteomics, so a lot of the mass spec side of this didn't surprise me much. Some numbers out of Munich that are mentioned are right up there with some data I saw at a meeting a few weeks ago from some pioneers at BYU. Neither has published, but if you see that and think it's a lighyear ahead, it is definitiely a big jump from what I'm doing (my priorities are different) but it is where the front runners aiming for coverage are going, or are at. 

But this new perspective piece is a really cool read if you aren't keeping up with what is happening with the resurgence of protein arrays. 

Love them or hate them, protein array technology is back with an absolute vengeance. I can't find it right this second but there was a clinical proteomics perspective piece I think Hui Zhang wrote that predicted they'd be the dominant technology in proteomics. It was funny for a while because I think the paper was 2013 or something (I should be able to find it with that much information) but looking at the money and where it is going now, was it phenomenal prescience? 

I think this is the lead in to a special issue comprising a whole lot of reviews on single cell proteomics which you can find here. If you were going to read one of them, I'd check out the imaging one because I get asked about getting the resolution up on MALDI-MS all the time, and there are some great ideas in there. 

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