Wednesday, May 13, 2020

MCP is going full open access!!!

As another great step forward -- MCP just announced, along with whatever ASBMB is (for some reason sounding it out reminds me of a Denzel Washington movie, not sure why....) that in January 2021 they're going full open access! 

Will the editors and reviewers still be some of the hardest people to impress in all of science? 

Of course!  (It's still MCP)  

What it does is opens a very important door. 

1) For the journal to get more real life exposure for the nitpicky, professionals-only, crazy rigorous, stuff that it will accept. 

2) And for it to be easier for the outside world to see what we really can do in proteomics when we absolutely have to stick to rigorous standards for study design, data formatting, and interpretation, etc., etc.,. 

Look, I know impact factors are stupid, but open access always improves how much your study is read and cited (this study found an 18% increase) and I suspect this will be a far larger increase for MCP.  How many of us really write when we're at work? I think the number is lower than other sciences. When we're in lab there is a nanoLC that requires....something....they always require something.... or there is a biologist that needs to talk about data interpretation of a disease they're supposedly an expert in, plus the vacuum pumps are SO LOUD. 

I think most of us write in the early mornings or late at night and if I've got the choice of logging in through VPN to my library or using an open access reference that will just open through Google Scholar? I dunno about you, but that's almost always an easy choice. 

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