Friday, May 29, 2020

Great COVID-19 webinar and Mass Spec diagnostic clinical trials underway in Europe!!

My quick overview

#1 MALDI-TOF with a low(er) resolution bench top instrument -- maybe 90 minutes of sample prep to inactivate the virus and spot gets you to 3 minutes on per spot.

Beyond COVID-19 -- Dr. Iles made it clear that what they're doing with this stupid virus would work really well for other viruses!

#2 -- is the paper that Wiley Proteomics accidentally paywalled and I was a jerk about (they fixed it)

Actual paper link here!

I'm going to mix up what I'm taking from the second talk in the YouTube thing above and from the actual paper, but I'm too excited to try getting it straight.

Which is a really nice study that shows 20min DIA and 8 min LCMS (QQQ) using acetone precipitation and 4 hour tryptic digestion.

Correlation with the gold standard WHO approved qPCR assay? r(squared) = 0.887 !!!

They can get to 180 samples/day and point out that in Ghent alone, they have 20 comparable instruments that could be used to help relieve testing backlogs.

Okay -- THEN -- they bring in 80 people to help! And they optimize, optimize, optimize and spike in QconCAT as internal standards and then even push the data processing with machine learning -- sped up the digest (to 15 minutes?!?!?) and push the accuracy even higher.

That great talk ends with this beautiful and inspirational slide -- maybe -- just maybe -- we should stop making fun of how old and slow PCR is and how stupid antibodies are and work together to get to the number of tests that we need to?


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