Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Holy shit. Is it ASMS already?!?!?

Monday is June 1st!  Time to start our favorite impossibly exhausting week of the entire year -- sorta... Things are already starting....LIKE...?

Skyline User Meeting was today (5/27) and tomorrow (5/28)!!

You can see what happened today or see the great talks tomorrow by going here (register for tomorrow -- we'll see MSAmanda in Skyline and other cool stuff).

From today's stuff (which was totally great, except for my 5 minutes of not understanding how Windows 10 works can it be this bad...?..where are my thumbnails....?) -- my recommendation:

If you're a core lab -- definitely check out Roman Sakson's "Skyline in core environment" -- what he does with locked down layouts for sharing data is stuff I've never seen before and I hope other people will start doing all the time.

Lipids and ion mobility and hunting clinical biomarkers round out the first day. If that's your jam, it's there.

Big shoutout to whoever just typed "Go Hokies" -- I saw it before the moderators dismissed it.

User meetings for vendors are in progress or start tomorrow!?!?!

Okay -- so -- I need more time to digest all this -- BUT THERE IS A BUNCH OF NEW HARDWARE!!

There are 2 new Exploris instruments (the 120 and the 240)

Mandatory --

The best I can tell, the 240 is an Exploris 480 with very few limitations (max resolution 240k) and a new paint job.

AND -- ACQUIREX added!   You can check it out here.

The 120 appears to be an Exploris focused on small molecules. I'll read more later, but it's up on this here website.

Something to pay a lot of attention to? The world's 3rd worst acronym -- uHTPPP -- Say it 3 times fast -- and then -- consider what Ultra High Throughput Plasma Proteome Profiling might do for you. And then say it 3 times fast again. Outloud, please.

Other vendors have things as well. I'm really interested in this Acoustic Ejection thing. I think SCIEX talked about it last year, but you couldn't actually buy it yet.  The QTOF still isn't ready, but the Triple Quad is. I've got some budgetary numbers and it's about the same price as a stripped down Orbitrap Eclipse -- but...can your triple quad run 2,000 samples today?  Its out of my price range, obviously, but if the sensitivity specs aren't made's massively impressive. There is an extremely vague video and a clock that is ticking down to something? here!

For less vague information, check out this preprint from January.

Bruker isn't just sitting around, but it's a lot more applications focused this year for them. You can see a lineup of their user meeting talks here.

Talks I will try not to miss? 100Hz(!?!?!?!?!?!??!)
ZipChip integration! Okay -- this big dumb thing is fast enough for what I keep trying to use a ZipChip for! Fingers crossed.

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