Friday, May 22, 2020

It's glycoproteomics week! SugarQuant, MS-Fragger-Glyco and O-Pair search!

As a silver lining for this virus thing is that we've got lots of time to work on informatics pipelines! How much? What about enough to drop 2 new glycoproteomics workflows the same day?

The second (and in no particular order, when I select multiple images, blogger inserts them however it feels like) -- appears to be a new addition into MetaMorpheus, called O-PAIR search

I unabashedly love both of these software packages, but don't have the time to test them and write glowing things quite yet. 

SugarQuant is more than a software package -- it's a new twist on just doing glycoproteomics in general. TMT labeling + SPS MS3 for glycoproteomics and it utilizes ALL THE DATA. 

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