Friday, May 8, 2020

FDA/NIH Glycoscience Day is Full Remote!

Every year I think -- I should put in another abstract for the NIH/FDA Glycoscience research day.

And then I remember how much fun it is to drive to the NIH Bethesda campus during rush hours.

I'd sign up for this instead EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  

Honestly, where do you guys use the bathroom when you're it takes you 45 minutes to move forward 3 exits?  Is "bladder of steel" listed in the job requirements down there? 

As something positive to come out of this virus thing -- the whole thing is remote! 

And it isn't a bunch of local government shmucks talking. They got Rebekah Gundry who will talk SurfaceGenie and some other heavy hitters from the real world in the massively growing field of glycomics and glycoproteomics!  

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