Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Ribo-Seq + TMT Peptidomics!

Just this summer I heard about Ribo-Seq (WikiPedia article here) for the first time.  Honestly, Ribo-Seq or Ribosome profiling is one of those technologies that I think will start taking lots of the easier work from proteomics facilities -- if it hasn't done so already. You get a ton closer to accurately predicting the protein levels if you're actually measuring what gets to the ribosome, right? 

In this new study the two are used in unison to look for new brain specific neuropeptides.  

The approach used here seems to combine the results of TMT proteomics and RiboSeq and look for concordance. It is worth noting that another approach (Proteoformer 2.0 post here) that is a bit newer than this March publication has demonstrated combining the two a bit further upstream to amplify the results.

In the Nucifora Lab study we see that the two are highly complementary and have the ability to differentiate organ specific peptides and proteins.

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