Tuesday, May 7, 2019

PROTEOFORMER 2.0! Don't compete with RiboSeq, Assemble with it!

Gotta move fast on this one, but -- holy Unicron -- this is exactly what I was looking for. I've got proteomics and RNASeq and some PacmanBio stuff of some samples and this very frustrated researcher was explaining to me that he had "RiboSeq" of the same thing and I just kept staring off into the distance because I do that when I'm trying to assemble information I don't understand and it makes people think that someone is sneaking up behind them. And -- check this out!

Don't know what Ribo-Seq is? Me either! Here is a WikiPedia article.  My understanding is that it bridges the gap -- only things that are actively getting to the ribosome for translation are sequenced. It's the closest you get with probes and genetics before getting to the proteome!

Obviously this isn't new -- there appears to be a 1.0 version, for example -- but it's new to me on a totally new concept -- and it's so powerful that this group uses it to identify NEW PROTEOFORMS from shotgun data!

Bonus -- 1980s chemistry courtesy of poorly paid animators.

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