Monday, May 27, 2019

More DEEP LEARNING for Proteomics!!

I'mma just gonna leave this here.....

Here is the link to the Kuster/Wilhelm lab paper. I was so pumped about this one last year that I got to an ASMS talk that was at 9 or something equally absurdly ridiculously early in the AM. (Learning is based on ProteomeTools -- maybe even the stuff that the rest of the world hasn't got to see yet? Can't wait to find a hole in my schedule today to actually read it!)

And the second one? I didn't know it was coming, but other people on Twitter said they'd seen it at ASMS as well. Probably means it was also in the morning or on day 2 when all the phosphorylation sites in my little brain were already fully occupied.  This may have some far reaching implications for both DDA and DIA -- what if we could massively improve the prediction algorithms for spectral libraries for DIA? There is a tremendous gap in the data quality that you obtain when you match real DIA spectra against experimental and predicted spectral library data.

The first one is called PROSIT!  As always, I'd like to thank Google Images and all the bored people with meme generators who make the majority of content on this blog possible.

Wait. What? What the Michelle? Heck is this?  It appears to be very very related to this thread and needs investigation!

Ummm....IonBot is here....

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