Thursday, May 23, 2019

BioRender! EASY and Impressive scientific figures!

Shoutout to the BioRender team for providing me a high res version of this cool video above so I can use it here!

You can check out Biorender here.

First off, there is a commercial version of this program. Please see my Disclaimers statement over there --> somewhere.  Importantly, there IS a free version and that's what I'm looking at!

I suppose there is some section of the human brain that is supposed to appreciate art. Mine has never worked. I've groaned my way with friends through Art museums, including some famous ones in Europe and wished I was doing something cooler, like walking barefoot on syringes on the streets back home in beautiful Baltimore. I think this reflects on the few papers I've done in my life. I'm going to throw something together in Excel or Powerpoint, ignore friends who will say things like "'re so funny, you'd never really submit an Excel graph, right?!?!!"  and send it out the door.

This piece of software look like a way to get something much much nicer and somehow EASIER than Powerpoint!

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