Tuesday, May 21, 2019

IPSA -- A handy tool I bet you're going to use all the time!

Sometimes you just need to step back, look at where your pain points are in your field and just put someone smart on fixing them forever.

Pain point? Annotating all those stupid fragments that your GUI output software doesn't feel like doing for whatever reason....or does but it looks awful....

Solution?  The Interactive Peptide Spectral Annotator! You can read about it ahead of print here

I highly recommend you read the paper. I will as soon as I have time to breath. Writing this and generating the meme took up all of my free time this morning. (Time well spent, in my ever humble opinion).

However -- if you are also pressed for time -- this tool is so amazingly intuitive that you can get going with it right now!

The online version is here!

The Github so you can use it and integrate it with your bioinformagical powers is linked in the paper.

I just punched in some random peptides into the online thingy here....

(..I mean..I was already on the site...but -wow, the output is super sharp)

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