Thursday, May 30, 2019

Q Exactive Tune 2.11 has a cool button for the HF-X!

Did the HF-X have this button before? I jumped from 2.8(?)9(?) on this box to 2.11.

What's it do, other than use my marketing team's absolute favorite color that isn't a purple?

It only allows resolution where TMT10 or 11-plex will work for MS2 (30k, 45k, 60k).

It automatically sets your first mass so you can't forget and miss that pesky tag you paid for!

It uses 0.7Da isolation on the MS/MS? Sure! Works for me! Let's eliminate some of that coisolation background stuff.

I popped over to the HF to see if it was the same? Nope. Boo. You do have the 45,000 resolution option that was enabled in 2.9(?) but you have to set the settings yourself, or download the methods from which has QE HF TMT methods good to go (2.7/2.8 right now)

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