Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Expert Tips? Running a Mass Spec Core Amid Rapid Change Webinar Tomorrow! 1pm EST.

If I did this right again this time, you can register for this ABRF/GenomeWeb Joint Webinar by Clicking anything from this line up.

And....so...it's obviously totally July right now. Not only July but also like past the middle of July and I'm 100% prepared for things that are to happen in the middle of July like my meeting with some super important government persons today about the second lab I've built from scratch in less than 5 months, as well as giving a webinar for freaking GenomeWeb with 2 of my personal professional heroes and of course my webinar is totally done and suitably well rehearsed....

....you should definitely register, the other 2 talks are great and, at the very least, I'll try to say something funny, but I'll try to also come up with something smart. (This is a recap of our ABRF 2019 workshop with updated material. I definitely know where those slides are, but it enjoyed writing it this way more.)

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