Thursday, December 7, 2017

Q Exactive HF-X paper is out!

This "just accepted" paper at JPR is a gold mine! 

Head to head comparisons -- QE HF with HF-X.

How fast is the HF-X in real proteomics samples? Really fast!
How sensitive? Same gradient conditions, 100ng of peptides on the HF-X gets the same coverage as the HF at 1000ng!
What is the overhead of the HF-X? Somehow -- it again drops in this model. It's somewhere between 3-4ms!

The paper goes through TMT, phosphoproteomics, single shot runs and it's almost an afterthought -- that these authors take the 46 offline high pH reversed phase fractions from the Rapid Comprehensive Proteomes Cell paper -- and cut the nanoLC runs to 19 min with the same degree of coverage.

At 19 minutes it is realistically possible to obtain 2 (TWO!) complete human proteomes in about 1 24-hour day of run time! (My crude math)

The thing that slows you down the most? The nanoLC column loading and equilibration time.

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