Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Proteoform Suite!

I don't know if this picture is related, but Google thinks it is and I like it!

I can't yet read this paper. It's ASAP at JPR and my library doesn't list those for a few days typically.

You can access it at JPR directly here: 

Check this out, though! Before paper launch these authors have already put an instructional video on their cool new software (quantify and visualize proteoforms!!) on YouTube.

I'm having trouble embedding the video here. I took a screenshot at this point so you can see some of the awesome output capabilities of this new tool. Direct link to the video is here.

Since we have to admit that proteoforms exist and complicate our work. Any tool that will help you group them into families -- quantify your changes -- and help you make sense of all that stuff you found is going to be seriously useful.

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