Monday, June 20, 2016

Need your RAW files in another format?

Need to convert your Thermo .RAW files in another format? There are a ton of different software out there that can do it!

Ummm....but are they all the same? Lin He et al., sure don't think so!

In this paper from November they introduce RawConverter...and the comparison to other software for doing data conversion is somewhat one-sided.

When the vendor gives out a free solution for this conversion, I'm gonna lean toward that (the Proteome Discoverer Viewer) (particularly if said vendor has established something of a precedence for subtly altering .RAW file formats over the years) but, seriously, when you look at this data it is impressive.

Also, this software doesn't car if it is converting data dependent or data INdependent files and I can't guarantee that PD can handle the latter.

Time for a head-to-head matchup!  Unfortunately....I've got a job...and I've got to go to work....sigh... [Dislcaimer -- Ben does not consider it in any way "unfortunate" that he has a job. He actually totally digs his job and, if he could cut something out of his life it would be sleeping so he could spend more time on his awesome job AND evaluating all the free proteomics software out there. This has been a message from the Commission for Keeping Mass Spec Nerds off the Streets.]

Shoutout to the incredible Pandey lab for tipping me off to this cool paper!

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