Saturday, June 11, 2016

Its official! We're getting FPOP in Baltimore!

I didn't want to break this news until I saw someone else had and I just saw it on a message board, so I don't have to wait. This summer, my good friend Dr. Lisa Jones is relocating to University of Maryland, Baltimore!

This means a couple of things!  One, we've got a leading expert in 3D protein structural elucidation by mass spec right here in town. Two, it means that another major University is paying attention to how mass spectrometry can solve biological problems that were maybe solved by other (slooower and less precise) methods traditionally, and 3 (selfishly) another great lab that I (and others here, of course) can visit and kick ideas around with.

Lisa is looking for a postdoc. The posting is here. Save your time and only apply if you're real good. ;)  Want to know more about her and the group? Here is the current lab website!

She's also bringing 2 graduate students from her lab out here to Maryland. I got to talk with them for a bit and they were seriously sharp. So I guess there is a number 4 - more young and talented mass spectrometrists here, so....

Top level mass spec people
+ awesome instrumentation
+ access to many of the world's leading disease researchers...most of whom have never tried to look at proteomics to solve their problems
=More world changing science happening right here in my home town!!


P.S. If anyone else top-notch is interested in relocating to the beautiful state of Maryland, I can assure you a warm welcome. Genome Alley is finally realizing the power of Proteomics and we need talent here. (Even more secret good news coming!!!)

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