Sunday, June 12, 2016

iPRG 2016 study -- Inferring proteoforms from bottom up data.

Whats the iPRG up to for 2016?

A survey of our capabilities of inferring protein IDs from the peptides we identify!  Hey, yeah! Where are we with that stuff? We're darned good at identified Peptide Spectral Matches (PSMs) but we have to take kind of a jump forward when we say what proteins are represented by those peptides.

You can find more details on the study design here.  I'm super curious to see how it turns out!  Oh, and also more details here (including how to register).

The poster at ASMS said it was still looking for participants.

And something I stumbled across while looking for this listing? The iPRG is also looking for some new members since some people have or will be retiring. Its a nice chance to be involved in really seeing where our field is right now - as well as where it might be heading. More details on that here.

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