Saturday, June 4, 2016

MutaBind! Does a mutation in your protein mess up your complex!?!?

As I gaze into my crystal ball from the time warp that is this blog (seriously, I have no idea what time it is on this blog at all. I just hit "Automatic Publish" and it puts in a random time. I do really prefer the format of the pages when there is one post per day -- that is the other reason dates and times don't seem to make sense..what was I talking about?) I see that protein interactions will be HUGE in 2016. Like we-finally-figured-out-how-everyone-can-do-crosslinking-experiments kind of huge.

What do you need in terms of downstream analysis? Depends on what you're doing but MutaBind could be a huge asset!

What's it do? It figures out how a specific mutation might effect your protein-protein binding at the tertiary/quaternary level. What?!? I know!

You can read about it here (open access!). It's super sweet!

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