Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Any interest in Proteogenomics?!?! GO TO BOOTH 601!!!

You know how all of us want to do ProteoGenomics but we don't all want to learn how to program?!?

What if there is a little company that has a bunch of cool software (seriously, really cool stuff) but they have something ridiculously awesome.

They have an integrated RNASeq to FASTA generation tool.


They have tool that you run on your PC that changes your RNASeq data to a FASTA file. You can control your quality filters within the tool. You don't have to learn how to use R, you don't have to set up a collaboration. You put your RNASeq data in this software and it spits out a FASTA file (with quality filters you can control) and you run that database in your software of choice!!

For those of you who can't visit these brilliant people in their booth, you can find their website here. 

For those of you at ASMS? GO VISIT!! Tell them I sent you, LOL, when I realized what they're doing, I think my enthusiasm might have come off just a little...crazy....

EDIT (6/11/16): Seriously, this is not the only really smart thing this little company is doing. And when I saw another brilliant poster from them, I realized that they weren't just dropped off by a UFO at ASMS 2016 with proteomics from the future. Tony Koller had mentioned to me the ridiculous work they were doing probably about a year or so ago and I forgot to investigate them. An endorsement from somebody that good at this mass spec stuff reinforces that these are some people we need to keep an eye on. I've asked them if they'd come out to Maryland/DC to show some of this stuff sometime in the coming months. I'll keep you informed!

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