Monday, July 20, 2015

Q Exactive/Plus/HF cycle time calculator!

I got kind of motivated Sunday and finally knocked out a project that I've wanted to for a while.

Introducing the Q Exactive TopN cycle time calculator.  This simple Excel spreadsheet allows you to pull down the resolution and insert the max fill time for your method and will give you the minimum and maximium possible cycle times for your experiment.

Its for estimation purposes only but its something I like not having to think about.  You can download it here. 

BTW, in this exercise I'm defining "cycle time" as something like: "the amount of time it takes to perform all of the events you asked the instrument to do before it goes back and starts at the beginning (in this case, start the next MS1 scan)"

I hope to expand it later to include targeted and DIA experiments but it might be a bit.  Oh, and as always this isn't any official vendor type stuff (see dislcaimer section in spreadsheet AND this blog and please don't sue me!)


  1. The link to the excel file is broken. I would like to ask if it is possible for you to share it again? Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Agnes, I hope that you saw that I fixed it with a DropBox long long before I saw your comment...

  2. Hi ben Can you also put the formula on how you calculate the cycle times

  3. What does 312.5 mean when you calculate the duty cylce time for QEHF-topN? How did you get this value? Thank you!