Monday, July 6, 2015

Intro to proteomics workshop in October!

From the inside its easy to forget how daunting proteomics is.

One talk I saw a slide from recently referred to "the tyranny of the mass spectrometer".  If you're on the outside its hard to know what questions to ask and what is easy to do with the technology vs what is hard.  For those of us on the inside, having a more knowledgeable customer base or collaborators only serves to make our lives easier.

Whats the solution?  More education!  And workshops geared toward researchers who want to know:
1) What can the MODERN mass spectrometer do
2) How can it help me to do it
3) What is a reasonable experiment vs. what is an extremely difficult one.

You can register for this one in Germany here.  What we need is a bunch of these in every country!

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