Saturday, July 4, 2015

customProDB -- RNA Seq to FASTA

Proteogenomics, how I yearn to find your true potential in a push-button sort of way!

This is NOT a bush-button sort of way, but its a solid tool.  customProDB is a couple of years old and is the work of Xiaojing Wang and Bing Zhang out of Vanderbilt. You can read the open access text here.

What you need to use customProDB? A pretty good understanding of a recent version of R, BioConductor and a couple other add-ins:

These are the details taken from the customProDB BioConductor page here.

Not push-button, but very powerful.

Do you have an RNA-Seq to FASTA conversion tool that is push-button?  Want a ringing endorsement and maybe a bunch of rapid citations for your tool?  Email me or add a comment and I'll enthusiastically check it out!

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