Friday, July 24, 2015

Outstanding review on the evolution of the Orbitrap

The Orbitrap hasn't been around all that long, yet there are tons of different flavors.  A really fun aspect of my job is that I sometimes get to go into a lab where someone has been running an Orbitrap XL (which is an awesome instrumet, btw!!) and I get to be there when they get to see what their new QE HF is capable of.

Can you still get the same data out of your Orbitrap XL?  In a lot of cases, hell yes you can!  Can you get that same information on the QE HF or one-tenth the time....sometimes the answer is a resounding yes.

So what are the differences?  For an incredibly thorough (and very pretty) review of where the Orbitrap was, is, and maybe will be next check this paper from Shannon Eliuk and some guy named Makarov?

Its open access and a great read!

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