Friday, April 3, 2015

Why phosphoproteomics is still hard.

We've been talking about phosphoproteomics now for what, 10 years? 15?  Seems like it would be pretty simple by now, right?

If you've tried your hand at it recently after a long break, you'll find the tools have gotten better.  We have better enrichment strategies and faster, more sensitive instrumentation.  Round that off with better software for analysis isn't as impossible as it seemed a few years ago.

Truth is, though, its not an easy experiment and good phosphoproteomic studies only routinely come from the very best labs.

For a breakdown of where the difficulties come from check out this cool paper from Solari and Dell'Aica et al., in last month's Molecular Biosystems here.

Thanks to Jon Humphries for Tweeting this great review!

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