Monday, April 27, 2015

In the MD/DC area? Wanna talk about Proteome Discoverer 2.0?

Sorry for the potato quality.  Here is the gist.  If you are in the Maryland or Washington D.C. area and you want to try to stump me with questions about PD 2.0 you should come to the NIH campus on Thursday May 28th.  We're going to start out with a RAW file and squeeze every bit of data out of it that I can using the new powers in PD 2.0 including (but not limited to!): multiple databases, Preview, Byonic, MSAmanda, ptmRS, protein markers and Annotation.  Then we're going to take some datasets with >1M spectra and show you how simple it can be to work with them now.

To register go to this link!

I'm working with local Thermo people in: Boston, Atlanta, LA, and Indianapolis right now to get workshops in these areas and I'm trying to get some time off the road to do a series of online webinars. Information on these events will be coming soon.

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