Monday, April 20, 2015

Is throughput your problem? Try double barrel chromatography

I visit a lot of labs. And sometimes I visit some that can keep up with the demands they are getting for samples.  Most of us, though, I think have a freezer or two full of things that we haven't gotten to yet.

Fabian Hosp and Richard Scheltema et al., might just be in that latter group because they went out to set up probably the highest throughput method I've ever seen.  The secret is what they call "double barrel chromatography" coupled to the rocket fast Q Exactive HF.

The trick really is to minimize all the dead time by having the LC pumps working on the next sample.  If you've got an LC with multiple pumps (any 2D capable nanoLC) you can set up something similar to this and boost your efficiency way way up.  They go the extra mile here and use a whole separate second emitter.  Double LC/ double source, crazy fast mass spec and you might just be able to beat down that backlog of samples.

You can check out the paper here.

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