Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easily test the dynamic range of your instrument and your LC

I'm seriously not trying to muddy the water by telling you guys about all these quality control options out there.  I've told you what I use, and what I will continue to use, HeLa + PRTC (FTW!) but I recently visited a lab that was working with Promega to develop this product and I thought it was really smart.  And it is commercially available now and my opinion hasn't changed.

Promega is calling this the "6 x 5 Peptide Reference Standard." As catchy as that is, the name is actually a useful description.  What you get in the kit is 6 peptides of varying hydrophobicity, similar to the PRTCs.  The interesting part is that you get different heavy isotopes of each peptide in reducing abundance.  6 LC peaks, but 30 peptides.

Want to step up the coolness factor just a little?  They wrote software for processing out your runs that you can get (presumably, for free, it looks like you just register but don't quote me on that!) and that software accepts both Thermo and Sciex data formats.  Great ideas, right?!?

You can read more about the 6 x 5 here.

Credit goes to Katie for sending me the link to the commercial product!

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  1. Hello, to confirm, the sofware is FREE. To obtain a copy, go to Also, the software also accepts .mzmL formats. For those interested in SRM, we would recommend using a program like Skyline (MacCoss lab; U. of Washington).