Sunday, January 18, 2015

Whoa! Have you seen the cool MCP cover?!?!?

Now, I don't have access (yet...library is closed...) for this full length article, but its cool enough that I'm going to direct you to it anyway.

In the study from Pernille Foged Jensen et. al., they work out some of the protein-protein interactions of intact IGg and neonatal Fc receptor by using hydrogen-deuterium exchange!  Seriously. We are at a point in this field where we can see single neutron shifts in protein complexes!?!?!

They go even further and then map out these interactions by using ETD.  to determine where the deuterium is incorporated.  I seriously can't wait to read this.

You can find the abstract (and if you're lucky enough to belong to someplace that subscribes to MCP) the full text here.

Update:  1/19/15.  Got the paper.  My interpretation of the figure in the abstract is definitely off a bit. They did not rely on single Da shifts in these complexes. They use measurement of relative deuterium uptake as one measurement and use intact MS1 as a separate series of measurements.  It is a very nice paper combining a great set of techniques, but I think that is an important distinction here.

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  1. Interesting paper, indeed.
    You can always access the full manuscript (not the final paper):
    "All Versions of this Article:" and than click on "most recent" -> opens pdf.