Friday, January 16, 2015

Peptide Atlas access through the Genome Browser

It is becoming increasingly apparent that if we want to solve more subtle biological problems (cancer?) we're going to need to pool resources with the genomics people.  The problem, a lot of the time, is that we don't speak the same language.

Smart people are working on it all the time, though!  Proof?

The UCSC Genome Browser now houses a recent build of the Peptide Atlas!

BTW, if you haven't checked on the progress of the Peptide Atlas in a while, you might like to know that the team hasn't been slacking off.  They are up to over 420 MILLION ms/ms spectra and have data on over 15,000 proteins, all of which can be downloaded in FASTA format.

You can check out the Peptide Atlas in Genome Brower here!

And the Peptide Atlas home here!

Shoutout to Alexis for forwarding me this story from UCSC.

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