Monday, December 15, 2014

Something about large molecule quantification

The subtitle of this post is: "How I think I almost learned something on LinkedIn today"

Now, I don't think LinkedIn is useless at all.  I've been involved in a few hiring procedures over the years and the first thing I do is start looking people up on Google to see if I can find anything crazy about them.  Its great when you can find good stuff on people's careers on LinkedIn first before you find that they've been abducted by aliens or prefer Q-TOFs or something equally nutty (just messing with your regarding part of this sentence, of course!)

However, I haven't found LinkedIn to be particularly useful for finding interesting science stuff. I find Twitter far more useful in this regard.  Today, however, was almost an exception.  I clicked on this fascinating looking link.

Which led me to this page (sorry if you can't see it if you aren't a LinkedIn member!) that has a whole lot of acronyms (some of which can't be Googled and aren't ever written out) promising extremely low CVs, LODs, and LOQs regarding quantifying proteins.  So, if you are totally into extremely vague jargon-filled pages obviously written by a person completely overwhelmed by the science or handcuffed by non-disclosure agreements I recommend checking this out!

Sorry, I know this is a violation of my "if you can't blog something nice..." rule, but I really just wanted to complain about a few minutes of my life I'll never get back. 

If you actually want to learn something about how to quantify intact proteins you should check out these two papers:

Label free quantification in top-down proteomics  (I'll have really interesting stuff to talk about this with you guys soon!)

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