Friday, December 26, 2014

Nice review on COPD Proteomics

There is so much literature out there (you guys are crazy productive!) that I really need to bias what I write about according to what I'm thinking about sometimes.  And maybe cutting my holiday at home short cause of some fantastic virus given to me by my disgusting and adorable nieces and nephews treating my like a jungle gym over Xmas made me think about Rhinovirus proteomics.  But my head hurts and I find reviews easier to read than original research articles, and I found this very nice and short review on chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) while skimming through Google scholar.

The 3 page review is by Girolamo Pelaia et al., and is open access.  The real highlight of the review is a nice table on the final page that concisely describes original research articles where proteomics was applied to COPD and describes the technology used and the major proteins/peptides identified as linked to this disease. This chart transforms this review from something interesting and useful to a tool.  If I was going after COPD, I'd have this chart taped on the wall beside my monitor.

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