Friday, December 5, 2014

Hello from Italy!

I got wifi for a bit and thought I'd say hello!  Anyone in Italy anywhere near Genova or Finale Ligure need a proteomics expert?  I haven't seen the whole world by any stretch, but I'm getting reasonably well- traveled and Capo Noli may be my favorite place I've ever been.  For climbers who might be appalled by the lack of apparent safety involved in taking this picture, I'd like to say my hand was cinched on webbing through a bomber anchor off camera.  If you don't think that is safe, you've obviously never seen my freakishly large hands!

While I've been away this blog turned over 200,000 views!!!!!  Thanks so much for reading guys, this has been, by far, the biggest year for this silly side project of mine, in all categories including: views, posts, and most import (to me!) reader feedback.  200,000 views...holy cow...

Vacation is almost over and I'm heading back to big cities today...sadly...and I've read some great papers I can't wait to tell you about.

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