Friday, October 31, 2014

Great resources from the University of Washington

Guess where I was this week?!?!  Wait, don't guess -- the answer is in the subject line!

My day job can be pretty cool sometimes.  This week I flew up to Seattle to hang out at the UWPR.  I learned a lot and we got a lot done  (and maybe I discovered some great Pacific Northwest Microbrews!)

Something I learned about this week was the awesome UWPR website.  If you haven't been to it, you should totally check it out here.

Dr. Priska von Haller runs the facility, and this page and she has virtually every instrument you can think of.  In her spare time she puts up some details of experiments she's ran so you can check them out.  They make a great framework for experimentation.  Thinking of comparing CID to HCD on your Fusion?  Check out the numbers that Priska pulled when she tried the direct head-to-head.  The percentages are rough comparisons of the number of peptide IDs she tried when running the same sample with a single method change.  There are lots of examples present for many of the instruments in the facility.  Absolutely worth checking out before you try to a new hybrid technique.

Priska gave me permission to link to her resources, but please don't bother her with questions regarding these experiments.  I saw a portion of her workload this week and she's got her hands full.

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