Tuesday, October 28, 2014

OmicsComputing is on a mission. New products and benchmarks!

I had a couple of beers the other night with Dave, the guy who runs Omics Computing.  The stuff going on over there is pretty freaking incredible.  These guys have taken a look at the problems in proteomics and genomics and are hell bent on providing solutions for them.

I've already told you about their crazy fast PCs (of which I have...a base model...).  They recently went out and benchmarked one of their top models and the speeds they found are just sick.  They are using a HeLa digest for most of their benchmarks.  Their new Proteome Destroyer can search that HeLa in about a minute.  They've got a clock of 42 seconds with Mascot and 70 seconds with Morpheus and a little over 2 minutes with Proteome Destroyer.  BTW, in defense of the speedy Morpheus, it had to pick its own peaks rather than being pre-processed for Mascot.  BTW, this isn't their fastest model, either....

What is the next problem?  STORAGE!!!!  What do we do with all of this crap data?  I don't even own a mass spec (yet) and I have to dump the hard drives on my laptops monthly thanks to all the cool stuff I get to process for people.  I have some QE and Fusion files that are running as high as 6GB, and we're not going down from there.  What do I do with all of this data?

One thing you can do is buy and Omics Cloud or Omics Guardian from these guys.  They are little cubes that contain racks where you can pull out ROWS of 4TB drives.  All of the drives can be controlled with a simple web interface and all you have to do is plug the box into your ethernet and locate the IP address.  I'm a little blurry (I mentioned we were having a couple beers, right?) about the differences between the 2 products, but the Guardian appears to do automatic drive imaging so that if one drive fails you always have another that is alive you can go back to.  The one that I saw that was equipped with 20TB of storage but they can set up to 40TB in one single node.  

You can check out the Omics Cloud here.  The Omics Guardian doesn't appear to be up on their website yet.

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