Sunday, October 19, 2014

Upgrade to Skyline 2.6!!!!


Like a lot of people out there, I don't have time to upgrade every piece of software every time a new one comes out.  Like a lot of people out there who lean toward the data processing side of things, I have a lot of computers.  So I definitely can't upgrade every piece of software on every computer!

However, if you haven't upgraded your Skyline in a while, I strongly encourage you to download 2.6 right now.  The only thing I ever say about Skyline that could possibly be inferred in a slightly negative way is that I've always found the front page to be imposing.  Here is a blank sheet.  Now what?  I don't know when things changed (this PC had 1.4 on it, LOL!!!!) but 2.6 has this awesome new front page interface that shortcuts you to all of the main tasks.

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