Saturday, November 1, 2014

Smart and inciteful review of quality control in proteomics

More quality control!!!  Maybe they just drilled this topic way to deep into my brain at Hopkins, but I just can't get enough quality control.  Particularly in this field (where we, universally, do too little...sorry...but its true)

Michael Bereman took the topic apart in this review (still in press at Proteomics, pre-release available here).  He does a very insightful and helpful step-by-step approach.  He focuses on the tools that are available and breaks them into three categories: manual extraction, automated, and real time.

I'm a big fan of the graphics that he uses to really streamline what he's talking about.

For example (sorry Michael and publishers...please don't sue me...I deliberately dropped the resolution...and not cause I'm sitting in a HILARIOUS honky tonk bar in the middle of nowhere Washington State...and I'm on 2G...or whatever...)

Anyway, the review is ridiculously clear and highlights the tools that are out there (most, if not all, are free!!) that can make you and your collaborators trust the shit out of your data.

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