Monday, November 24, 2014

Cloud computing proteomics!!!

This is really cool.  In fact, if you read a paper today, I think it should be this one.  In it, these researchers detail what is possible if you use the Amazon Cloud to host aspects of the Trans Proteomic Pipeline for processing your data.  End results?  Thousands of files processed in hours, for pennies per file!  They really dig in, too, by showing different ways that this interface can be configured and operated.

The end result, though is the killer.  They load of 1100 files from all sorts of different instruments, from an LCQ Deca through an Orbitrap Velos and process them with 3 different search engines using the TPP-Amazon Cloud.  In the end it ran them about $80 to do so!  As a disclaimer, they start with pre-processed data (mZmL or something) which would lower their overhead.

It would be interesting to see how another super fast processing computer, say a Proteome Destroyer, would compare in a head-to-head, given their sub- 1 minute processing specs.

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