Monday, June 9, 2014

Weighing the World: Why Mass Spectrometry is Changing How We Do Everything


This has been a big month for me.  Another project is successfully off my desk and I don't have to think about it anymore!

My new book:  Weighing the World:  Why Mass Spec is Changing How We Do Everything was just launched on Amazon.  Currently, only the paperback is available, but the Kindle versions will be up soon (only for color Kindle readers, unfortunately, I think...I have to read more of these emails...) and it will also be distributed by Barnes and Noble (possibly also available via Nook, though I'm not 100% on that one....)

The book isn't really for you guys (my audience of expert mass spectrometrists!).  It is intended for people outside of the field.  Its a pop-sci look at where mass specs are right now, an overview of how they work, and a short summary of loads of different types of research that we do on them.  As such, I kept it pretty simple (heck, I don't even talk about isotopes until one of the last chapters)

I picked a lot of my favorite papers from the last 5 years or so and talked about:
The mass spec on Curiosity
Forensic applications
Atomic mass spec
Phosphoproteomics of the brain
Drug discovery
How the railroads are using mass specs

I started this project almost 3 years ago and was pretty tired of looking at it, lol!

I'm not super-psyched about the Amazon front page for it, but you can check it out here if you want.

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